GDC – Water Technology of Uncharted

A bit late, but here are the slides from my GDC 2012 presentation of the Water Technology of Uncharted.

Water Technology of Uncharted – GDC 2012


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CG Talks – Graphics Technology in Uncharted

It’s been busy for the last months preparing and giving talks about the diverse aspects I have worked over the years in the graphics and tools of Uncharted.

In March I’ll give a talk in GDC about the complex rendering system I developed for all the Uncharted games.

GDC 2012
Water Technology in Uncharted
Wednesday, March 7, 11:00am Room 2016, West Hall, 2nd Fl


Last year, I gave two talks about the general Graphics Technology in Uncharted.

SIGGRAPH Vancouver Chapter. This was very fun to do. Since I missed SIGGRAPH 11 at Vancouver it was a nice to explore the city and catch up with old friends.

Also I was invited to the COIDEV in Lima, Peru. A small game developers conference aimed at the Latin America market. This was one of the most fun experiences I had while giving talks. In a day, I have a talk to students, talked to the Peruvian Head of Congress, was interviewed for the national TV and newspapers and ended up in a great Pisco party. Ah yes, the peruvian food is excellent.






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Outdoors vs City

3 days in the Sierra. No snow except for the ski slopes. The last day was for ice climbing in Lee Vining. The canyon is nice in the winter when the snow covers the tallus. Not this time, it took longer than expected and took a toll to the time we could climb. 2 routes for the effort.

Now, on the way to NY. City touring is not as fun as the outdoors and found it to be more tiring the walking in the city.

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