CG Talks – Graphics Technology in Uncharted

It’s been busy for the last months preparing and giving talks about the diverse aspects I have worked over the years in the graphics and tools of Uncharted.

In March I’ll give a talk in GDC about the complex rendering system I developed for all the Uncharted games.

GDC 2012
Water Technology in Uncharted
Wednesday, March 7, 11:00am Room 2016, West Hall, 2nd Fl


Last year, I gave two talks about the general Graphics Technology in Uncharted.

SIGGRAPH Vancouver Chapter. This was very fun to do. Since I missed SIGGRAPH 11 at Vancouver it was a nice to explore the city and catch up with old friends.

Also I was invited to the COIDEV in Lima, Peru. A small game developers conference aimed at the Latin America market. This was one of the most fun experiences I had while giving talks. In a day, I have a talk to students, talked to the Peruvian Head of Congress, was interviewed for the national TV and newspapers and ended up in a great Pisco party. Ah yes, the peruvian food is excellent.






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2 Responses to CG Talks – Graphics Technology in Uncharted

  1. Hugo says:

    hi,are you Carlos Gonzalez Ochoa? Very glad to see you here. i am doing some work on water rendering and very interested in your presentation in GDC 2012. Would you email me your talk material? my email is,thanks .

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